About Us

Locust Pte Ltd was founded in 2001. 


Over the years, Locust has devoted itself to helping organisations and individuals realize their fullest potential.  Locust's unique selection of themed merchandise is designed to encourage positive attitudes, strengthen human relations, celebrate outstanding achievements, promote excellence in careers, businesses and life.  Besides distributing its products through the retail network, Locust's fast expanding corporate business also includes supplying a wide range of 'framed motivational prints' and 'customised gifts' to MNCs, SMEs, Government Institutions, Schools, etc.


As a young and ambitious company, we are always looking into ways of improving ourselves.  If you are a customer or a prospective customer and would like to give us some feedback, please feel free to contact us.  If you happen to chance upon us or this website, we encourage you to learn more about our company.  We are very proud of what we have built and extremely excited about what the future holds.  For us... and for you.



Due to its huge customer base, Locust is able to print most of its products in large volumes, thereby enabling it to transfer its products to its distributors at highly competitive prices.

To ensure a high level of service, Locust has a dedicated fleet of mobile vans to service its local retail network.

Locust also supplies "framed motivational prints".  These attractive pictures are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, they also serve as great motivational tools.